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Loans-4.com is part of IH Marketing which has been involved in the financial and legal services industries since 1999 brokering loans, mortgages and insurance products for UK consumers. Whilst Loans-4.com may be relatively new in regards to its inception and creation, the people behind it are much ... much older, with many years of experience between them! We've matched more than 10,000 people with the right provider for their financial needs and we hope you'll be the next satisfied customer.


You'll find that the word "service" means different things to different companies. Many focus on cost. Many focus on customer satisfaction. Many focus on quality. We think you'll find that our definition of "service" will match your own. Every one of our staff has come from a background where they have had to obtain funding of some sort, whether it be a payday loan, a high risk mortgage, credit card debt consolidation or just paying for that dream holiday. We've all had to make that decision and weigh up what was best for us at the time.

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