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Loans can be used for different purposes. Most people take out a loan to finance a large purchase, such as a new car or furniture. Sometimes a loan can be useful to consolidate other debts, such as credit cards and store cards, in order to obtain a cheaper rate and fixed repayments.

Whatever the reason for taking out a loan, you need to check what's available in order to ensure you get the best deal. This means checking the interest rate charged, repayment amount and period, terms and conditions and the total amount you have to repay. You also need to be aware of any set-up costs and penalty charges that apply and add to the overall cost.

Loans used to be available from your bank or building society but these days there are lots of other sources and most can be checked out over the internet. A search will bring up plenty of providers and there are comparison sites where you need to enter details once only and get a list of results so you can find the best deal. However, you'll still need to check the small print before committing to a loan agreement.

What you can borrow and the terms offered will depend on your credit history. If it's good, you will be able to take out an unsecured loan at favourable rates. However, a bad credit rating may mean you'll only be able to borrow at high rates of interest or may have to put up some security in case you default.

Homeowners' loans are a common type of secured loan that require your home as security. Although this will ensure an amount is advanced, there is the risk that your home will be repossessed if you can't keep up the repayments. Always ensure you can afford the repayments over the full term. Even defaulting on an unsecured loan is bad news because, at best, it will damage your credit rating.

If you have any doubts but still need the loan, one solution may be payment protection insurance. Although PPIs have had a bad press, they can be invaluable for a large loan since they cover your repayments in the event of ill health or job loss.


Representative Examples

Small Loan: To borrow $1000 over 28 days, you would repay $1300 with an interest rate of 30%. (1934% APR variable.)
Unsecured Loan: To borrow $1000 over 12 months, you would repay $1700 with an interest rate of 70%. This is 234% APR variable.
Secured Loan: If you borrowed $10,000 for 7 years, you would repay $19,566. This is 17.8% variable.

*Loans under $500 can be paid to your bank account within 15 minutes of approval. Loans under $1000 can typically be paid into your bank account on the same day. Loans over $1000 may take between 3-5 working days.

The APR will vary depending on the amount borrowed, and the length of time the money is borrowed over. Before applying for any financial product or service, you should always read the terms & conditions in full.

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